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Peter S Rosmarin
"I have a mazda 323 midge and wish to buy a Stromberg, which model Stromberg should I buy?, Mark7, 8 or 10. I have been using Stromberg's since the 1960's when they were demonstrated at the Rand Easter Show using an old Volksie engine and all my cars were fitted with Strombergs."

Nico Dreyer (Pretoria, South Africa) 
"Best product money can buy, I am a student with little money to waste.I drive a Mazda 323 which uses a lot of petrol for this size of car, but now I save almost 17% on my petrol bill. My car also starts very easy in the mornings - no more asking my sister to push the car for me in the mornings".

Glenn Morrison (Washington DC, USA) 
"Ever since I fitted a Stromberg Power Plus, to my Chev Lumina, it now gets better mileage than ever before. Thanks to the innovative guys at Stromberg. I just ordered 2 more units, 1 for my wife's Jeep and one for my motor launch."

Franscois Johnson (London, England) 
"I have a Ford Escort which was always a bit sluggish until I fitted a Stromberg, WHAT A DIFFERENCE.
I now have better pull away and can even overtake other cars on the highway."

Bernard (Israel) 
"My Motorcycle now has more power and even better fuel saving. 
I get three times the life from my spark plugs.
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